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Lyrics translation:

Verily there is no burden placed upon you in which you can not bear,
outside of your capabilities until you are no longer able to.

Then why do you feel loneliness has engulfed you?
Feeling so alone. everyone & everything has left you.
Look within.

The beloved. the most divine love.
Closer than the jugular veins.
Breathe the breath of love in the womb.
You lift my name.
You are my relief.

I plead to my beloved.
I am here powerless.

Everything that is told about you is about me.
My beloved that i miss that lives inside my heart of hearts.
Man does not realize that he was created by the greatest of essence & substance.
He forgets n has forsaken himself.
Driven by lust, anger & ego.

Arrogance as high as the skies.
Feeling always right.
Feeling they are always the smartest.
If we start to become smart with our feelings.
Love conquers everything.

Manifest love into this world with bismillah

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