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Lirik Agust D Honsool :

[Verse 1]
Again, finishing my daily routine for today
And returning home straight away
When I step through the door
I come face-to-face with time in its entirety
The room filled with silence
After a shower
I detoxify with alcohol
The full stop to this day, which I barely remember, might just be alcohol
I somehow got through my exhausting daily routine, uh
Skull-crushing schedules, hm, are three to four in a week, uh
I'd eat just enough and sleep, well, though I'm unable to sleep
I'll worry about tomorrow's things tomorrow, fuck I don't care

Now I'm feelin' like I'm flyin'
Now I'm feelin' like I'm flyin'

[Verse 2]
I've come to not have side dishes anymore, because I feel like I'd throw up if I were to stuff myself with something
As I slowly get intoxicated, let's try to be honest about my life
Oh yeah, money, honor, wealth
The trophies and stadiums
Sometimes I'm scared of them
I'd felt like I wanted to run away, hm
I thought when you became a superstar, you'd live life partying every day
Expectation hits reality hard on the back
Well, it doesn't matter
Tomorrow comes again and gets dark
Me that's like this, you that's like that
Well, we're just enduring another day

Now I'm feelin' like I'm flyin'
Now I'm feelin' like I'm flyin'

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